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Vincent started his building business unknowingly back in 2000 when he and his small but growing family took a leap of faith and built their first home. After nine months of painstaking construction process, Vincent was able to complete his first construction project.

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Vincent Bui has always seen himself as an opportunist. His willingness to try new things and help others has made him who he is today. Vincent enjoys being creative and creating processes to enhance himself and those around him.

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Along with his new construction experience, Vincent has ventured into real estate investments, where he has been involved with many successful real estate transactions.

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Vincent Bui has been in the residential mortgage industry for over 15 years. Vincent is also available to provide the most comprehensive financing packages for commercial real estate projects.

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Vincent has always loved helping people achieve their goals in life and business. Part of his daily regimen has been to provide advice to others, both professionally and on a personal level.

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