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Vincent Bui has always seen himself as an opportunist.  His willingness to try new things and help others has made him who he is today.   Vincent enjoys being creative and creating processes to enhance himself and those around him.  He has ventured into numerous industries, including networking, financials, real estate, taxes and construction management.  Vincent considers himself a people person and always extends a helping hand.  As a loving husband and father, Vincent enjoys spending time with this family.


Vincent has always loved construction and has an eye for detail and creativity, making him an effective builder.  His love for construction has helped extend his business strategy to real estate investing.  Working and networking with people have always been Vincent’s strong traits.  This is evident, especially working in the financial industry, when helping many people with residential mortgages for over 15yrs and acting as a conduit for commercial financing.  Helping others has always been Vincent’s motto.